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                                                                 Ready-to-Go Kits for beds or chairs
IQ Easy Alarm. Coordinate the alarm controller with the sensor pad of
your choice for bed or chair. It’s ready to use and easy to use. There are no switches so no need for complex, time-consuming setup. Simply plug the sensor pad cable jack into the back of the alarm controller, and the system is turned on automatically. IQ Easy talks to the caregiver with the recorded voice saying, “System ready.” Unique strap can be used to attach the alarm to chair or bed. Mounting plate can be attached to any surface. Compact size of only 33/4” x 21/4” x 1”. Features include 100 dB alarm settings, one alarm sound and hidden reset button. Requires three AAA batteries (included).
08169359 Alarm Controller $60.90
081569367 Short-Term Pressure Bed Pad
081569375 Short-Term Pressure Chair Pad
Basic Alarm with Chair Sensor Pad. Alarm features
a convenient on/off switch, two volume settings and two tones (alarm and chime). Reduce false alarms with adjust- able delay settings. Red LED flashes rapidly when alarm sounds and flashes slowly when battery is low. Built-in 1/4” jack for connection to nurses call station. Mounts easily with clip on back of alarm. 9V battery included. Six month sensor pad measures 15”W x 101/2”D.
Alarms Fall Prevention
    $55.20 $39.25
A510918 Alarm & Pad
     IQ Duo Plus Alarm w/6-month Chair Sensor Pad. Thinner and more sensitive material makes this pad more effective for lighter patients. Simply place under the pa- tient and connect to the IQ Duo Plus Alarm. Urine resistant pad measures 10” x 15”. Includes IQ Duo Plus Alarm.
081529916 $152.05
IQ Duo Plus Alarm w/6-month Bed Sensor Pad. Wide pad allows patient freedom to roll in bed without triggering false alarms. AliMed’s thinner pads are more comfortable, have a larger sensing area and are urine resistant which measures 10” x 30”. Includes IQ Duo Plus Alarm. 081529924 $189.00
IQ Duo Plus Alarm w/Early Warning EZ Release Seatbelt. For high risk, active patients. Alerts caregivers before patient can rise. After alarm triggers, there is 12” of hook & loop for patient to release before rising reminding patient to remain seated and giving caregivers extra time to reach the patient.
081529932 $156.50
  For Bed Transfer Handles see pages 797-805.
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      Fall Prevention

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