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                                                                 Alarms Fall Prevention Fall Prevention Without the Noise
Make it happen with central monitoring that’s quiet & wireless
Central Monitoring Unit.
Allows you to monitor multiple residents and wireless components from one central location.
• System signals audibly and visibly while the display indicates which
resident activated the mobility alert
• Eliminates in-room alarm noise
• Wireless design significantly reduces tripping hazards
• Up to 300 ft. range
• Works with a wide selection of wireless components, including bed
and chair sensor pads, floor mats, motion sensors and nurse call but- tons (numeric display on Central Monitoring Unit shows which device triggered the alarm)
Economy CordLess® Alarm.
• Works with Central Monitoring Unit or alone with CordLess Pads • Monitors up to six wireless components
• May be mounted away from bed to eliminate in-room alarm noise
and to reduce tripping and entanglement hazards
• Full range volume control
• Runs on 3C batteries (not included) or with AC adapter
(sold separately)
081507771 Central Monitoring Unit 081507839 Economy CordLess Alarm 081507847 Alarm Monitor Adapter 081507904 AC Adapter $13.10
081507862 Motion Sensor $45.40 081507813 Wireless Nurse Call Button $28.25
081507813 081507862
$151.45 $55.50
   Quieter, Wireless Bed/Chair Exit Alarm.
Smart DepartAlertTM Door Bar System. Easy-to-install anti-wandering system installs in 3 easy steps: 1. Mount door-strip monitor alarm and ac- tivate transmitter. 2. Test System. 3. Place wristband on resident.
When a resident wearing a wristband attempts to depart through the doorway, the door strip monitor alarms audibly and visually. Alarm resets using reset the button. May be used with other Smart Caregiver call com- ponents.
081681592 Complete Single Door Monitoring System $765.85 081681600 Complete Double Door Monitoring System $1,276.50 562345 Additional Resident Wristband (6 month warranty) $99.95
Sends alert to pager and features a Call Button and Reset Button. Includes “Pad Lost” light, Nurse Call port and Caregiver Key with Tamper Proof Rest option. Works with standard Corded Sensor Pads/Floor Mats. 081661990 Wireless Fall Monitor $136.25
081662006 Pager with LCD Display
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      Fall Prevention

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