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                                 Fall Prevention Danmar Helmets
Danmar offers a variety of comfortable
                                               Hard Shell
Helmet with
Face Bar. For use
when direct, face-
forward impact is
probable. Molded
plasticized foam
is covered by a
tough polyethylene
shell. Attached
woven chin strap
has an adjustable
buckle and snap
fastener. One set of
four Cushion Pads
included. Face bar is made of clear, lightweight polycarbonate. Latex free.
Pink Foam
80800201       80800202     808002     S       924333 80800301       80800302     808003     M       924334 –       80800402     808004       L           924335
Hard Shell
Helmet. This head-
gear is effective in
reducing the risk
of head injury yet
it is comfortable to
wear. Provides full
ventilation without
head coverage.
A strong polyeth-
ylene shell covers
a shock-absorbent
foam liner. Overall
average weight of
this headgear is only 17 ounces. Creamy white outer shell with blue or tan accents.
                  Royal Blue Foam Liner
Tan Foam Liner
Blue 081589852
Tan         Size 081627702       X-Small 081627710       Small 081627728       Medium 081627736       Large 081627744         X-Large
             Hard Shell
Helmet with
Face Guard.
Provides full head
coverage with the
best combination of
features. The entire
clear face guard
pivots to the top of
the helmet. A strong polyethylene shell is riveted to the liner and the face guard is attached to this shell. The clear Lexan® polycarbonate face guard has an eye level opening (11/2” x 6”) for unobstructed vi- sion and a mouth opening (1” x 33/4”) for ventilation. Face guard is lined on the bottom edge with foam. Creamy white outer shell with tan lining.
924324 X-Small $310.00 924325 Small $310.00 924326 Medium $310.00
Hard Top Comfy
Cap. This lightweight
helmet features a
inner foam liner at-
tached to a hard
plastic exterior. It
offers the same com-
fortable fit as the Soft
Top model. The liner is molded into small raised foam sections joined together with air channels between each section, much like small pillows. This design contrasts with other helmets that have a closed cell foam liner of a heavier, denser foam that insulates, resulting in retention of a great deal of body heat. The Hard Top Comfy Cap is extremely well ventilated, retaining limited body heat. Easy cleaning with soap and water, towel dry. Available in three sizes based on head circumference at eyebrow level: Small 21”–21.5”; Med, 22”– 22.5”; Large, 23”–23.5”. Silver Gray liner, Cream hard shell exterior. Chin strap included. Weighs 12 oz.
565672 Small $155.00
565673 Medium $155.00
565674 Large $155.00
 924327 Large
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