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                                   Beds Fall Prevention
    NOA Elite Light Bed. NOA Medical’s
newest high/low bed system quickly rises
from a low of 8.5” to a high of 25” and can
be moved in any position. Four DC motors
provide residents with comfortable positioning at the head and foot area, as well as height adjustment. Sturdy rib deck provides a solid sleep surface and mattress ventilation. Locking casters. Easy to clean and disinfect. 35”W x 80”L. Safe working load: 450 lbs. 081687839 $1,479.17
NOA Elite Bariatric Bed. Comfortable
42” wide sleep deck easily adjusts from
80” to 84” in length. Soft Touch steel
skeleton side rails provide a rigid handhold
for ingress/egress and repositioning and are vinyl coated to protect residents from accidental bruising. For added comfort, bed can be reclined in a reverse Trendelenberg position and the knee gatch and head deck raised for greater resident comfort. Trolley system allows movement from one room to another or upright storage to save space when not in use. With a baseboard bumper, polyethylene head and footboard. Entrapment compliant. 800 lbs. Safe working load. 081687847 $5,689.58
NOA Elite Mattress.
Designed for pressure redistribution.
NOA Elite EX Bed. The NOA Elite EX rises from a low of 7” to high of 30” and has a safe working load of 600 lbs. as standard. The Elite EX includes a number of features as standard on the bed, including: integrated deck expansion system, center step safety lock, wheel guides, trapeze holder, and more.
081687821 $2,289.58
NOA Elite Head & Footboard.
Constructed of durable melamine for dependable performance.
  081687938 36”W x 80”L 081687946 36”W x 84”L 081687953 39”W x 80”L 081687961 39”W x 84”L 081687979 42”W x 80”L 081687987 42”W x 84”L
$435.42 $466.67 $606.25 $658.33 $870.83 $914.58
081687854 35”, Light Oak 081687862 35”, Mahogany 081687870 39”, Light Oak 081687888 39”, Mahogany 081687896 42”, Light Oak 081687904 42”, Mahogany
$134.38 $134.38
$197.92 $197.92
$218.75 $218.75
  NOA Elite Accessories.
Soft Touch Side Rail
Designed to provide extra safety for residents
while reducing liability for the provider. Bar Universal Assist Bar
24” tall with universal design mounts on either side of bed to pro- vide residents with increased stability while repositioning or entering and exiting the bed.
081687912 Soft Touch Side Rail $275.00
081687920 Universal Assist Bar $131.25
Soft Touch Side Rail
  Universal Assist
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