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                                    Sleep Surfaces     Fall Prevention
   Roho® SelectAir® Standard Low Air Loss Mattress Systems. Compared with direct air flow alternatives, the wicking method is less likely to over-dry the skin. It reduces risk of airborne pathogens and provides added comfort for patients who tend to feel cold or unpleasant having air blowing directly
on them. Features System Lock, Auto Comfort and Pulsation. Sixteen individual baffles are divided into three sections: head, seat and foot. Integrated side air bolsters with foot pillow. The zippered mattress cover is waterproof, and vapor permeable. 500-lb. weight capacity.
559738 $2,678.97
Roho® SelectAir Max Mattress with SelectProtect® Cover. A simple safety enhance- ment system helps reduce the risk of patient falls and promotes bed-bound safety. The unique built-in bolsters enhance a safe sleeping environment without compromising the patient’s sleeping area. Top: 100% polyurethane coated polyester. Bottom: PVC-backed polyester (DEHP and BPA free). Flame-resistant: meets CFR 16 Part 1632. Weight limit 500 lbs. 081510718 $2,856.06
Roho® Sofflex2 Mattress Replacement System. Non-powered, reusable and costs significantly less than the leading powered mattress systems. Utilizing ROHO’s Shape Fitting Technology®, three interconnected air cell sections can be adjusted sepa- rately to create a multi-zoned support surface that matches an individual’s shape for overall skin and soft tissue protection. Side inflation port allows quick, easy access for adjusting each section. Convenient, flame-resistant cover features a fluid-resistant top that zips together with the bottom to completely enclose and protect mattress, and can be removed and wiped clean for disinfecting. Plus, weighing only 28 lbs., it’s easy to transport and handle during set up and adjustment.
 081681105         36”W x 80”L x 8.5”H 081681113         42”W x 80”L x 8.5”H 081681121         48”W x 80”L x 8.5”H
$1,407.90 $1,688.67 $1,829.05
  Roho® ProdigyTM Mattress System. This three-unit system features a poly vinyl, non- powered mattress overlay designed for individuals who are at risk for breakdown and/or have a Stage I or II ischemic ulcer. Interconnected, air-filled cells are easy to set up, inflate and adjust—adding up to easy use for any care setting. Comes with three sections, each adjustable to address the specific needs of a patient’s body shape and size. The system is 80” x 35” (27” x 35” per section) and fits a standard size hospital or homecare bed. Includes hand inflation pump, repair kit and operating instructions. Latex free.
929617 $402.97
     Alternating Pressure
System. Re-distributes
pressure under body pres-
sure points to help alleviate
decubitus ulcers and other
discomforts associated with
constant pressure on the
skin. Helps improve circula-
tion. Quite, safe, effective
and can be easily trans-
ported. Virtually maintenance
free. Easy to operate. Allows air flow for patients up to 250 pounds. Pad consists of 21 body support tubes continually changing pressure. Heavy-duty embossed finish, tough 16 gauge vinyl. 36” x 90” (32”
x 72” inflated). Alternating pressure pump features 3-wire hospital grade cord and plug, illuminated on/off switch and is 110 volt AC; 60 Hz UL, listed. Includes 51/2’ connector tube. Latex free. 250 lb. weight capacity.
4083 Pump and Pad $172.35
Waffle® Overlay.
 Made to go right
on top of your ex-
isting mattress. The
air overlay cradles
the body, providing pro-
tection and treatment for
pressure ulcers; also recom-
mended for pain management. The
overlay is easy to transport, cleans
with soap and water and is extremely
comfortable. Features a patented design
to eliminate “bottoming out,” air venting holes to dissipate heat and moisture, and a low profile design for greater stability and pa- tient safety. The low-profile mattress design ensures patient safety. Adjustable straps secure and center mattress to the bed. Hand wells allow for easy log rolling and transferring of patients up to 600 lbs. Pack of 6.
081559186 $399.95
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