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                                 Fall Prevention     Sleep Surfaces
    MasonAirTM AS-5300 Mattress System.
This Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure system offers an extraordinary therapeutic surface for the prevention
and treatment of pressure sores. The powerful, yet quiet air pump provides sophisticated, yet user-friendly operation. The 5” high mat- tress features 17 individual bladders over a 3” safety foam base. The pump has an 8-minute cycle time; adjustable comfort settings allow pressure to be customized by patients weight. The “static” feature creates constant low pressure support, and prevents cells from al- ternating. An internal pressure control sensor continually monitors surface pressure for optimal pressure relief. Laser holes for low air loss. Removable, non-shear, antimicrobial fully enclosed cover. CPR feature allows for rapid deflation of mattress system. Overall dimen- sions: 35” x 79” x 8”. Quiet, user-friendly 6 LPM pump. Hospital grade UL/CSA approved power cord. Low-pressure Alarm with mute function. Weight capacity 350 lbs.
Mason Air
AS-5300       Description
081560986           Pump only     $444.35 081560994               Mattress only     $606.00 081561000           Replacement Mattress Cover only     $121.15
MasonAirTM LS/AS 8800 Mattress
System. With Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss. Microprocessor sensor technology provides continuous
feedback to equalize pressure and maximize patient comfort. The mattress consists of (20) 8”-high, cell-on-cell air bladders. In case of a power failure, the bottom 4” air cell will remain inflated, offering sufficient weight support for the patient. The patented cell-on-cell design allows for rapid inflation and deflation of the air mattress while providing excellent pressure disbursement. Removable cover is non-shear, antimicrobial fully enclosed. Added safety is the result of slip-resistant mat and securing straps on the mattress. CPR feature allows for rapid deflation of mattress system. Overall dimensions: 79” x 35” x 8”. Weight capacity 350 lbs.
POWERLOFT PROTM LAL800 PUMP. Features adjustable comfort range with easy-operation control knob. Static function can suspend the alternating mode (has auto-recovery feature). Microprocessor pressure sensing technology produces low pressure support. Alarms are visible and audible with Alarm Mute (3-minute auto-return). Large air filter intake and cover with all-around-zipper cover for easy maintenance. Transport mode is activated by joining quick connec- tors. Spring-loaded tube prevents any kinks for smoother airflow.
LS/AS 8800
081560945       LAL800 Pump Only     $808.00 081560960       Replacement Cover only     $141.35
Medline Supra APL Low Air Loss & Alt. Pressure Mattress. Improved! Updated electronics in the air
pump provide high output,
low maintenance and extreme reliability. The mattress in- cludes a bottom foam pad. Near- silent operation
and easy adjustment
for resident’s comfort. Pump
alarms indicate low pressure. CPR-pull al-
lows emergency deflation. Air cells and top cover are replaceable. Features a static mode for dressing changes and pain management. Improved connectors for easier set-up and transport cap to seal con- nectors. Now has a 400-lb. weight capacity. Latex free.
550002 $2,051.00
          MA55 Alternating Pressure
Mattress. This MicroAir Powered
Pressure Reduction Mattress features
CPR release, nonskid bottom, nylon
buckle hold-downs and carrying
handles. Provides a temperate climate for patients with its ability to circulate air within the mattress. 10 LPM compressor, alarm silence and lock-out features. 80”L x 36”W x 8”H.
56695901 $1,669.74
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
Control panel for 56695901
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