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                                   Sleep Surfaces     Fall Prevention
  BioClinic provides an outstanding support surface, plus advanced heel protection
BioClinic Mattresses. These superior mattresses with multi-layered construction are perfect for everyday use. The advanced heel slope zone enhances comfort and reduces pressure in the delicate heel area. The covers are treated with an antibacterial, antimicrobial agent, to aid in infection control; fluid-proof and stain resistant with nonskid bottom. Latex free.
BioClinic Basic. Prevention of Pressure Ulcers. Two-layer construction provides pressure redistribution. Precision-cut design top layer. 250 lb. weight capacity. 5-year warranty.
BioClinic Deluxe. Prevention and Treatment of StageIPressure Ulcers. Three-layer, zoned construction provides enhanced pressure redistribution and comfort. Integrated viscoelastic heel section. 350 lb. weight capacity. 6-year warranty.
BioClinic Elite. Prevention and Treatment of Stage II Pressure Ulcers. Four-layer, zoned construction provides excellent pressure redistribution. Length viscoelastic. Full foam topper increases immersion and envelopment. 450 lb. weight ca- pacity. 7-year warranty.
            BioClinic Mattresses
   Type of cover
     Sierra Gel Overlay. Solid one-piece foam base foundation and polyurethane foam topper are both high density. Bladders contain a water-like, non-toxic gel solution. Cover material is a soft nylon urethane-coated, non-vapor permeable material. Components meet all fire safety and infection control standards. Latex free.
560902 $314.38
Gel-Lite® Mattress Overlay. Gel/foam overlay contains uniquely designed gel bladders which reduce overlay weight significantly and eliminate pooling. Gel-packs are strategically placed between a high density foam base for support and a convoluted (egg crate) foam top for additional comfort. Helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Waterproof, washable antibacterial cover with zippers allows conve- nient replacement for cleaning. 34”W x 78”L x 31/2”D. Weighs only 18 lbs. Latex free.
948801 $366.60
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