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                                      Sleep Surfaces
Fall Prevention
  The Contour Cloud
Mattress Pad. Three
layers of comfort and
support. The first layer is
a soft-touch, space-age
memory foam that molds
to fit the bodys every
curve to relieve stress
and pressure, minimizing
tossing and turning. The
second layer is a yellow
support insert that is a
built-in lumbar support for the waist, lower back, and hips. The third
  layer, a firm blue base, provides overall support and tress pad from bottoming out underneath the bodys
prevents the mat- weight. Latex free.
Price $134.30 $144.40 $166.60 $185.80
Price $37.44 $42.11 $65.65 $82.20
Comfort Bed Padding. Makes any bed more comfortable. Helps protect pressure point from discomforts and dangers of decubitus ulcers. Filled with Corefill polyester fiber. The reversible cover has a soft cotton/poly side for comfort and a water-repellent side for incontinent situations.
566968 $290.10
        Item No.           Size 56301501 Twin 56301502 Standard 56301503 Queen 56301504 King
Rolyan® Mattress Pad.
35”W x 76”L x 2.25”H 50”W x 76”L x 2.25”H 56”W x 76”L x 2.25”H 72”W x 76”L x 2.25”H
                                               Convoluted-foam overlays help promote air circulation for increased patient comfort. Helps protect bony prominences by reducing pressure by distributing weight over convolu- tions. Latex free.
Item No.         Size     Dimensions 796601       Twin     34”W x 72”L x 3”H 796602       Twin     34”W x 72”L x 4”H 796702       Full     50”W x 72”L x 3”H 796703       Queen     56”W x 77”L x 3”H
Deluxe Natural Sheepskin Pad. Made of 100% natural sheep- skin wool. Helps prevent decubitus ulcers and improve patient comfort. Machine washable. 36” x 36”. Latex free.
56694701 $166.20
100% Polyester Fabric Decubitus Pad. Made out of 100% synthetic sheepskin. Helps prevent decubitus ulcers and improve patient comfort. Hypo-allergenic. Machine washable; 36” x 80”. Includes elastic corner straps to prevent bunching and hold product in place. Latex free.
56694702 $83.25
                                 Rolyan® Synthetic Sheepskin Pad. Super-soft 100% polyester pile pad helps prevent decubitus ulcers. Machine washable and hypoal- lergenic for convenience plus extra comfort. Latex free.
Synthetic Sheepskin Pad. With 1” pile made
Helps prevent decubitus ulcers
                          from100% polyester premium white fibers. AM antimicrobial helps fight germs and guards against the growth of odors from microbes (bacteria) and fungi. Latex free.
        Synthetic Bed Pads Size       Sheepskin 24” x 30”       408601 30” x 40”       408602
Price AM $14.46       55986201 $17.88       55986203
Price $19.15 $22.20
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