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                                   Fall Prevention
Bed Safety
     Rolyan Padded
Safety Mitt.
Prevents clients from pulling out catheters, IV tubes and other undesired behaviors. 100% cotton, mesh-covered safety mitt also helps prevent contracture with firm polyester filling. Hook & loop wrist strap. Loop for tie- down conditions. Washable. Latex free. 6727 $21.20
Skil-CareTM Pillow Props. Elevates and support arms or can be used to separate legs while sleeping. High-density foam will not “cave in,” guaranteeing consistent sup- port. Fluid-proof, antibacterial nylon wipes clean easily. 15” x 20”. Latex free. 55463902 $25.45
Peek-A-Boo Mitts. Quick-check flap enables circulation checks without mitt re- moval and secures firmly with hook & loop. Double-padded design provides safety and comfort. No finger separators. Ambidextrous design; one size fits all adults. Machine washable. Latex free.
550052 $50.40
Economy Bed
Cradle. Lifts bed
covers off of legs
and feet when skin sensitivity is an issue. The simple, easy-to-assemble design re- quires no tools. Can be used at end or side of bed, by simply sliding base between box spring and mattress. Total height of the bed cradle is 21”. Determine height of foot space by subtracting height of mattress the product will be used with.
081626506 $47.08
                                                Bed Cradle. Keeps
covers off legs and feet.
Can be used at the side
or end of bed. Base slips
between mattress and
spring. The adjustable
version allows height of 18”–27” and the base is 14” x 28”. Consists of a two-part frame. The folding version folds flat for easy storage and traveling. Height is 18” and base is 7” x 131/2”. Latex free.
Hand Protection Mitts. Polystyrene-filled mitts are ideal for preventing tube pulling, scratching or other undesirable behavior while complying with non-restraint policies. Breathable mesh fabric with soft cotton lining. Hook & loop closures. Machine wash- able. Sold in pairs. Latex free.
8303 $44.55
Rolyan Blanket Support. Lightweight PVC plastic tube frame folds flat for easy storage or travel. Protects sensitive skin by keeping blanket weight off feet. 12” height accommodates most foot sizes. Frame is 191/4” wide. Weighs only 7.5 lbs. Latex free.
Blanket Support.
Lightweight alu-
minum frame base
easily inserts be-
tween the mattress
and box springs.
Helps protect sensitive skin and keep blanket weight off feet. Height adjusts up to 19” and can be lowered to the mattress top when not in use. Frame is 20” wide. Latex free.
4085 $45.05
       081566876 Foldable AA3652 Adjustable
$63.60 $67.65
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
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