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Fall Prevention
Pillows & Neck Positioning
          Contour Cervical Pillow.
Designed to perfectly cradle your head and neck for all-night com- fort. The anatomic design is made from 100% memory foam, which molds to fit the unique shape
of your head and neck. Plus, a
crescent-shaped cutout accommodates your shoulders and positions your head in the center of the pillow for superior orthopedic sup- port. Dimensions: 19” x 13.5”, 4” high at tallest point, 3” at lowest. Includes a removable, machine-washable, soft velour cover. 081620855 $40.00
Fiber C-Pap Pillow. This unique, patented pillow features a quilted side panel that creates a distinct edge, allowing the mask to extend beyond. Sleep on the edge to reduce or eliminate the common com- pliance problem of mask leak and pressure point soreness. For side or stomach sleepers.
081511633 $62.39
2.0 Pillow.
New, improved,
ergonomically de-
signed 2.0 offers
more luxurious benefits to help with CPAP compliance, including 50% more surface area, an upgraded, plush fiberfill pillow top to enhance comfort, and deeper side pocket cutouts that allow your mask to rest in a pressure-free zone.
• Ergonomic design enhances head, neck, spine and airway alignment • Precision molded core features a plush fiberfill pillow top to improve
comfort, quality of sleep and compliance
• 50% wider sleeping support area
• Improved, no-pressure pocket shape better accommo- dates new
CPAP masks
• Extended hose tether is 3” longer to provide better hose control
throughout the night to help reduce pulling and pressure on your
• Updated precious cut foam offers stable surface and quality edge
• Deep corner pockets minimize pressure, leaks and shifting • Ultimate adjustable CPAP comfort
• Works with all major brands & styles of masks
• 2 Year Warranty + 45 Day Comfort Guarantee! 081715325 $55.00
Vinyl Pillowcase.
Sturdy white vinyl with zipper closure; 21” x 27”. 081679992 $4.35
Contour Cloud
Pillow. Three layers
of comfort. Soft touch
memory foam layer
molds to fit your neck
and head. Extra firm
layer for neck sup-
port. Third layer of
firm foam for overall
support. Exclusive contour shape and crescent cutout supports the head and neck, keeping your spine aligned. Latex free.
960441 $33.30
   Fall Prevention
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