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                                                                 Pillows & Neck Positioning Fall Prevention Accommodate
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CervAlign Pillow. Unique design and custom fit provide proper cervical support for back or side sleeping. Curved shape allows for shoulder comfort while supporting the neck. Antimicrobial fiber filling helps combat the growth of bacteria, mold and microorganisms. Available in three lobe sizes. Measure from the bottom of ear to shoulder with a standard ruler or tape measure to determine proper personal fit. Measuring guide available upon request. Latex free.
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Core Basic Water Pillow. Experience the soothing qualities of water without the sound while restoring the natural curve of your neck. 100% cotton fiber-filled outer cushion encloses a water chamber with a displacement panel to quiet the sound of water and is fully adjustable for customized support. (Chamber may be filled with air instead of water.) Responds to changing body positions and helps relieve neck pain and snoring. Fits standard size pillowcase. Latex free.
564812 $59.25
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Travel Core Pillow. Compact size allows you to easily
fit this pillow in your suitcase, yet still achieve results in helping treat headaches and neck discomfort. Get the support you need while sitting (lobes down) or lying down (lobes up or down). 19” x 9”. Latex free.
559812 $30.10
Correct Maintain
Memory Foam Travel Core Pillow. 100% viscoelastic foam responds to body heat and conforms to the individual shape of
head and neck. Includes a plush velour cover for added comfort. Zip closure makes it easy to remove for washing. 101/2” x 111/2” x 23/4”. Latex free.
559813 $35.30
       Item No.
 Ear to Shoulder
 4” or less
  6” or more
       Bow Tie Pillow. This cervical
pillow is designed to provide
cervical and head support when
lying down. The pillow features a narrow center and wide ends, and is made of a non-allergenic polyester fiberfill. A pillowcase is included. Measures 19.5” x 25”. Latex free.
566270 $33.25
Accommodate Maintain
Core Headache Ice Pillo®. Provides cold therapy for migraines and tension head- aches. Also helps pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injury or other traumas. Great for travel, sleeping or reading. Removable cold pack included. Latex free.
927397 $53.00
          Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow. Designed to reduce neck pain and stiffness and help facilitate healing after injury. Reduces peak pressure and provides proper support of the head and neck. Raised side panel accommodates shoulder height when side sleeping. For back sleepers, center cavity provides head sup- port, while the wedge extension supports thoracic spine. Cervical contour helps maintain the natural curve of your neck. Proprietary molded foam does not respond to body heat, won’t accommodate poor sleeping posture, and is guaranteed to retain its shape for five years. Includes pillow cover.
081684158 Child $84.92 081684174 Average $101.46 081684190 X-Large $122.91 081684166 Petite $91.69 081684182 Large $112.18
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