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                                                                  Pillows & Neck Positioning
Fall Prevention
                         Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Roll. This versatile fiber/foam roll is great for the neck, back and under or between legs. 17” x 7” (43 x 18cm). Latex free.
Rolyan® Cervical Pillow. Fits the contour of the neck to help relieve muscle spasm and nerve root pressure. Filled with Dupont Dacron Hollofil® II polyester for greater con- sistency. Poly/cotton blend cover available separately. 7”D x 18”L. Latex free. 550094 Cervical Pillow $15.50 55009401 Poly/Cotton Blend Cover
Rolyan® Cervical Roll. Fits contour of the neck to help correct poor sleeping posture. Designed to be used inside a pillow case with a conventional pillow. 31/2” x 20”. Latex free.
560926 $13.10
Carex Cool Pillow Insert. This innova- tive product provides
soothing, cool relief to promote a good nights sleep. The Cool Pillow wont slip or bunch up while sleeping. It can easily be inserted in between your pillow and pil- lowcase or be placed right on top for a cool, refreshing area. No refrigeration or water needed to activate. Excellent for hot flashes, fever, sunburn, sore muscles or just to cool down for a restful night.
Rolyan® Cervical Roll. Improved! Cover
is now made with a softer material to make this product even more comfortable. Helps promote alignment of cervical spine reduces neck pain and stress. Encourages proper neck position. Use with or without pillow. Cover is machine wash and dry. 41/4” x 18”L (11 x 46cm). Latex free.
A818301 $20.25
The Original McKenzie® Night Roll.
Patients who exhibit symptoms of lumbar syndrome upon waking may be aggravating their problems through poor sleeping positions. This night roll is designed to compensate for poor sleeping positions
by supporting the spinal structures and maintaining proper lumbar posture while sleeping on the side or back. The Original McKenzie ties easily around the waist, and the exclusive tapered ends allow comfort and freedom of movement without loss
 A818606 $21.20 A818607 White Pillow Cover
  Foam Rolls. Great for a variety of comfort and support applications. Small profile makes it easy to achieve proper neck or back support without adding extra bulk. The Cervical Roll easily fits inside your pil- lowcase to help restore your cervical curve. Precision-cut foam in a cotton/poly cover. 567227 12” x 5” (30 x 13cm) Blue
567228 135/8” x 33/4” (35 x 10cm) Black $20.75
556500 Soft 20” x 31/2” (51 x 9cm) Blue $25.95
567235 Firm 20” x 31/2” (51 x 9cm) Blue $24.90
of support. The roll features a removable, washable light blue cotton/polyester slip cover. Latex free.
56071503 L/XL fits 341/2”+ waist
  Jackson Roll. Versatile, fiber-filled support pillow. Great for your neck, back or under your knees. Use at home or when traveling. 17” x 7” (43 x 18cm).
567226 $22.85
The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll.
Ideal for individuals suffering from neck pain. Features a light blue, washable poly- cotton cover and foam insert. 19” x 31/2”. Latex free.
6677 $26.25
081579515 $22.20
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