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                                                                 Hip Positioning     Fall Prevention 921431
           Rolyan® Knee
Separator. Comfortably holds hips in abduction while distributing pressure over thighs. Strap is 46” long (117cm). Positions thighs 4” (10cm) apart. Latex free.
A513300 With polyester cover $31.30 A513301 Easy-clean vinyl coating
621001 Pediatric 3” Knee Separation $30.25
Abduction Wedge with AEGIS. Microbe Shield helps pro-
tect against odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and contaminating fungus. 081545052 5”H x 7”W x 8”D $30.25
Rolyan® Knee
Separator. Foam- padded, flexible knee separator is formed from a sturdy plastic, which helps provide
even pressure. 41/2” wide, fits thigh cir- cumference of 15” to 17”. Latex free. 6208 $22.37
                    Contour Leg Pillow. Provides comfort for the lower back, hips, and knees. 100% non-allergenic. Properly aligns legs, hips, and spine. Anatomically shaped to fit your legs comfortably all night. Cover included. Latex free.
96044202 $30.25
Leg Spacer®.
Designed to
help relieve
pressure and
strain on the
lower back,
knees and
ankles. Hour-glass shape maintains lower extremities and spine in correct alignment. Washable. 10” x 8” x 6”. Latex free. 6618 Leg Spacer $35.30
921431 Economy Leg Spacer (Does not include cover) $14.05
921432 Pillow Case for Leg Spacer $12.00
Cushion. Secures behind the knees to allow the resident to sleep comfortably on back or sides. Removable, launderable outer cloth cover. Inner cover vinyl-coated for easy cleaning. Latex free.
550084 $103.95
Knee Spreader. A chrome-plated steel and aluminum knee spreader lined with thick Plastazote® for effective pressure distribution. Designed to increase sitting stability and reduce perspiration in perineal area. Easily adjusts to thigh circumference. Provides 51/2” knee spread. Latex free. 6206 $48.85
  Contour Memory Foam Leg Pillow. Patented design properly aligns legs, hips and spine. Molds to fit exact shape of knees. 100% viscoelastic memory foam. High-quality velour cover is removable and washable. Latex free.
55970301 Ecru $23.20
55970302 Blue $23.20
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