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   Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Cervical Pillow.
All of the cervical support of a lobed pillow plus the soft center support to the head, which increases sleeping comfort. Compare features and price of similar cervical pillows. Zippered cover is included. 22” x 16” x 41/4”. Latex free.
563020 $46.45
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Rolyan® Pillows
            Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Cervical Plus Pillow. Provides proper head, neck and shoulder support/positioning. The size of two cervical support rolls is different on each end, and the center support has a soft top layer. Ideal for anyone who has found other lobed pillows to be too different from standard pillows, but would like the neck support of a lobed design. 24”L x 15”W x 41/2”H on one side and 4”H on the other. Includes removable cover, and fits into a standard pillowcase.
081599315 $62.95
Rolyan® Cervical Support Pillow. Two neck lobes firmly support your neck to prop- erly align the spine while you sleep and to help improve your health. Provides relief of tension headaches, muscle aches, stiffness and snoring. Lobes are 31/2”H x 4”W and 4”H x 5”W. Pillow is 24” x 17” and fits in a standard pillowcase. Nonallergenic and machine washable. Latex free.
7964 $35.65
Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Pillows. Provides proper, comfortable support for head, neck and shoulder. Latex free.
Standard fits any standard pillowcase. 24” x 16” (61 x 41cm).
Mid-Size is the right choice for those with shorter necks or those who prefer compact pillows. 22” x 15” (56 x 38cm).
Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Posture Memory Pillow. Viscoelastic memory foam memo- rizesw the distinct shape of the head and neck for custom support and comfort. Sensitive to body heat and pressure. Contoured design supports the spine by cradling the neck and head, preventing un- comfortable neck flexion posture. One-year warranty. Removable cover for simple care. Latex free.
A818610 $97.95
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A818600 Standard Pillow A818604 Mid-Size Pillow
$33.30 $31.30
   Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Posture Neck Pillow. Promotes proper alignment of the head and neck while user lies on side or back. A high and low side offers comfort and personal preference. Non-allergenic polyurethane foam. Zippered cover in- cluded. 151/2” x 221/2” (39 x 57cm). Latex free.
A81810 $33.30
Rolyan® SleepRiteTM Traveler. Great for traveling and around the house while nap- ping, reading and watching TV. 18” x 9” (46 x 23cm). Latex free.
A818608 $18.70 A818609 White Pillow Cover
  Rolyan® Therapeutic Pillow. Designed by a physician to soothingly cradle the head while supporting the neck, no matter what position the sleeper assumes. Cool, breath- able foam allows air to circulate freely. Zippered cotton/polyester cover removes easily for laundering. Latex free.
3065 $60.55
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