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  Item No.
  No. of Handles
   With Plastic Insert
         600 lbs.
  60”L x 34”W
   Without Plastic Insert
     400 lbs.
   Small Adult
 39”L x 36”W
       600 lbs.
    Large Adult
  60”L x 34”W
                                                                Fall Prevention
Transfer Assists
      SafetySure® Transfer Gurney. Consists of a canvas sheet and strong strap that forms a figure-8 in the product. With a slick underside, the Transfer Gurney enables even heavy patients to be moved with ease. Available with plastic insert for easier in- sertion under patient. Small and medium sizes can be used with pediatric patients.
SafetySure® SlidEase. Takes the strain out of boosting a patient into bed. The slick, low-friction bottom surface glides over the bed sheet. Multiple hand grips along both sides of the SlidEase provide care- givers with a variety of leverage positions.
SafetySure® HT Slide. This Horizontal Transfer Slide is designed for patients who require diagnostic procedures. Made from radiolucent materials, it does not need to be removed when Xrays are needed. The large 23”W x 68.5”L gurney has 8 cush- ioned hand grips that make transfers from one surface to another easier and reduce back strain. The padded 19.5”W x 67”L center section provides patient comfort throughout the transfer and diagnostic pro- cedure. MRI safe. Weight capacity 600 lbs. 565380 $481.38
SafetySure® Transfer Slide. Safely transfer individuals and reposition them in bed. Made of a woven nylon fabric coated with polyurethane, the slick inner lining slides against itself in the direction of the intended movement. Machine washable. Latex free.
926537 Medium: 27”L x 37”W $44.15 926538 Large: 78”L x 24”W $86.90
Super Slide.
Combines the
best features
of a transfer
gurney and a
transfer slide in
one convenient
product. The 20”W x 48”L gurney has a plastic insert for added patient protection when transferring a patient from one sur- face to another. Two wide hook and loop strips securely attach the gurney to a 40”W x 60”L transfer slide which is 3/8” thick. The frictionless inner surface of the slide allows the caregiver to easily move the patient. The gurney has 6 handles.
562654 $471.35
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
081539444 28”W x 72”L 081539451 36”W x 72”L
$107.35 $134.18
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