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                                                                                                          Chattanooga HandiLift. Mini stretcher for lifting from the floor, lateral transfer, or repositioning in bed. Bottom surface is low friction to allow for easy gliding. Four strong, comfortable handles allow for use by one to four caregivers as required.
081654797 $109.95
SafetySure® TurnEaseTM.
Ideal for individuals who have difficulty turning in bed. The slick, low fric- tion, inner surface makes turning in bed easy and allows you to regain your independence. A towel
or incontinence pad may
be placed on top of the TurnEase for added comfort. 37”W x 27”L. Latex free. 081454644 $37.71
Transfer Assists Fall Prevention 562332 552858
Super-Slings. Simplify transfer, turning and positioning. Super-Slings may also be used for emergency evacuations when wheelchairs or gurneys are not available or practical. Low-friction nylon reduces skin- damaging shear. The 4-Handle model supports up to 250 lbs. The 8-Handle and 12-Handle models support up to 500 lbs.
552857 36” x 40”, 4-Handles 552858 46” x 46”, 8-Handles 562332 36” x 72”, 12-Handles
$75.40 $123.20
   No Lift Turner with
Handygrips. A flat tube
of fabric with a slippery in-
terior surface. Position the
patient on top of the tube
just as on a draw sheet,
then slide the top tube
layer toward you, using
the reinforced hand grips
No lifting and less back
strain. Black. Machine
wash; air dry. Disinfectant
safe. 52”L x 29”W.
081555580 Standard, 250 lb. weight capacity 081569383 Bariatric, 800 lb. weight capacity
$149.80 $147.35
                                   Transfer Pad. This 20”L x 9”W pad is gentler on the skin than a gait belt and reduces caregiver exposure to back injury. Durable con- struction provides 250 lb. weight capacity.
552859 $28.10
Eases back strain by
making even heavy
residents easier to
move toward the
headboard. A flat tube
of fabric with a slip-
pery interior surface.
Position the resident
on top of the tube just
as on a draw sheet,
then slide the top tube
layer upwards, using
the reinforced edges.
No lifting needed. Standard size fits most; 4 or fewer staff members can use bariatric size for residents up to 600 lbs. Black. Machine wash; air dry. Disinfectant safe. 46”L.
  Item No.
      Bariatric, 46”W
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