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                                  Total Gym Recovery Series LEX
Exercise Strength
        Recovery Series LEXTM. This lower-body machine builds explosive power, creating
muscle mass with two concentric and eccentric exercises: the squat and the squat jump. Designed to help the user (who cannot perform an unassisted jump) to descend and ascend during squat phases in a safe, controlled manner. Ideal for the athlete needing post-injury recovery. Accommodates significant range of therapeutic exercise options, from micro-movements of ankle, knee and hip joints, to explosive plyometrics. As user gains strength, advanced variations like single-leg squats and staggered-stance squats can be performed. Varying incline that supports 40–80% of user’s bodyweight, pneumatic brakes that protect joints during plyometric movements, and angled glideboard that offers comfort and upper body support make this progress possible. Constructed of steel with reinforced aluminum rails. Has weight capacity of 400 lbs. Unit weighs 230 lbs., is designed to be bolted to floor and requires 24 sq. ft. of floor space. Bodyweight resis- tance: 50–80%. In-use measurements: 104”L x 33”W x 68”H.
• Variable band resistance (VBR) can be engaged to allow for 10–70 additional pounds of
resistance in 10-lb. increments.
• Curved platform follows anatomic curve of hip-to-foot ratio, ensuring correct biomechanics
during movements.
• JumpOmeter allows quick, visual measurement progression of plyometrics.
• Safety lock ensures that exercises begin in a safe and comfortable position.
• Slide distance regulator controls range of motion.
• Incline release level toggles among 7 resistance levels.
• Instructional placard demonstrates at-a-glance exercises.
Also comes with link to exercise library with additional and advanced exercise options. Warranty: Frame – 5 yrs.; upholstery – 90 days; rubber and moving parts – 1 yr.
7101458 $3,727.50
Slide Distance Regulator (SDR)
Extra-Large Curved Squat Stand
Variable Band Resistance
Safety Lock
Total Gym® Individual Accessories. Items can be ordered
as a package or individually. Package includes: Press Bar, pair
of Dip Bars, Squat Handle Bar, Weight Bar, Scrunch Accessory and 3-Grip Pull-Up Bar. All accessories are compatible with Total Gym Recovery Series Encompass and Encompass Power Tower. 566989 Complete Strength Accessory Package $1,019.00
565947 Closed Chain Platform
566993 Squat Handle Bar, TG
566992 Pull-Up Bar, 3 Grip, TG
566991 Slide Distance Regulator Deluxe, TG 565638 Leg Pulley System, TG $212.05 553504 BAPS Adapter $119.15
$530.20 $99.95
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    Exercise Strength

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