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                                 Exercise Strength Shuttle Systems
    Exercise Strength
Shuttle 2000-1. Specializes in total body rehabilitation with plyometric and leg press capabilities. Inspires confidence through movements easily tolerated in early phases of rehabilitation and training. Suitable for many users, from the elderly and acute, to the recovering athlete. Patient transfers and adjustments to resistance and ROM are easy for both the patient and clinician. Carriage weight capacity: 300 lbs. Dimensions: 31”W x 104”L. Limited 5-year warranty.
 Basic Package. Comes equipped with 8 elasticords, which provide up to 160 lbs. of progressive resistance. Padded adjustable kickplate, 25” horizontal stand, three-position adjustable backrest, lateral handles and light-resistance elasticords.
553727 $6,634.06
Clinic Package. Same as Basic Package, plus the 20” Shuttle Wobble Board and ROM Control. 553728 $6,843.81
Clinic Plus Package. Same as Clinic Package, plus the PNF Tower System.
553729 $7,370.84
               Shuttle MVP. Excels in lower extremity rehabilitation, sport-specific skills and plyometric training. Progressive resistance affords therapeutic rehab to leg press-worthy workouts. Zeroes in on the eccentric phase of overspeed plyometrics. Padded kickplate and non- weight-bearing position protects joints and spine on impact. Keeps athletes in the game year round. Carriage weight capacity: 300 lbs. Dimensions: 31”W x 109”L. Limited 5-year warranty.
Pro Package. Comes equipped with 12 elasticords that provide up to 500 lbs. of progressive resistance.
553726 $6,814.80
Elite Plus Package. The Shuttle MVP Elite Plus comes equipped with 16 elasticords that provide up to 700 lbs. of progressive resistance. This model features the all-new Shuttle MVP PNF Tower System, which provides users with upper extremity options.
081631449 $7,684.00
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