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                                                              Sensory Motor Indoor Play/Balance
       Sammons Preston® Climbing Wall and Indoor Activity Fun Gym.
Sammons Preston Climbing Wall. If you dream it, you can do it! Create a climbing wall that will help your children improve their motor skills. While they are playing, children are also planning their next move—where to put their hands and feet and how much effort to exert. You can place the handholds to build strength, confidence, improve balance and encourage lateral movement, which requires using both hands si- multaneously. Though a harness system is not needed, children must be protected for safety against injury from falling with a mat of at least 4" thickness. Professional installation is recommended! Have the expert determine that your wall is sufficient and meets the current codes before you place your order. Components sold individually. For children ages 3 and older.
Now you’re ready to design your very own climbing wall. Simply follow these four easy steps:
1. Select your anchor kit. Is the climbing wall going to be fixed or adjustable? For fixed, order 553572 or 553573; for adjustable, order 553569
or 553570 depending on if the wall is concrete or drywall.
2. Order a wall bracket (for adjustable wall installation only). Requires two wall panels per bracket.
3. Select climbing wall panels: regular wood or granite texture (panels come with T-nuts installed).
4. Select your handholds: Each wall panel has spots for 23 handholds.
Sammons Preston Indoor Activity Fun Gym. Bring the fun of an outdoor “jungle gym” inside your clinic or classroom. This Activity Fun Gym combines all of the classic favorites found on the playground and puts them inside your facility. Equipped with 3 ladders, a climbing wall, monkey bars and a ramp-and-roll system, this Gym is sure to keep your kids occupied for hours while making therapy fun. Children enhance confidence building when using the climbing wall, spatial awareness on the ramp and roll and strength training on the ladders and monkey bars, and have a great time doing it all! Includes 2 stationary ladders, 1 removable ladder, 1 ramp-and-roll system, monkey bars, one 12-foot rope measuring 5/8" in diameter and 1 climbing wall. A mat is recommended to be placed around the gym equipment for children's safety. 6' x 81/2". Ramp and Roll is 7' long. Weight capacity: 100 lbs. Please keep the granite wall at a 90 degree angle.
Activity Fun Gym
6 Character Climbing Handholds (One of each: elephant, frog, funny face, walrus, dinosaur and rabbit)
6 Letter Climbing Handholds (A–F)
6 Number Climbing Handholds (0–5)
10 Plain Climbing Handholds
Anchor Kit Concrete—Fixed Wall
Anchor Kit Dry Wall—Fixed Wall
$2,448.31 $231.80
$171.70 $154.09 $249.93
$50.85 $35.50
Sensory Motor
              Tumble Forms 2® Scooter. This child-friendly padded scooter board helps develop children’s neuromotor control as they propel themselves in any direction. Sorry, no color choice.
Round Scooter Board features: • Measures 24" in diameter
• Two handles for child to hold • Long-wearing 2" casters
• Washable, waterproof covering • Weight capacity: 100 lbs. 4814B $303.73
Plastic Scooter Boards. Used in a sitting, kneeling or prone position, the scooter board can help develop coordination and gross motor skills of the upper and lower extremities. Scooters can be linked together. The 12" x 12" and 16" x 16" are made of heavy-duty polypropylene and come with safety-grip handles and non-marring rubber swivel casters. Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
081590959 12" Scooter Board 081591650 16" Scooter Board
$35.65 $50.96

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