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                                                                  Ring Toss. Set of four colored rings with a soft foam base. A safe and fun activity for indoor and outdoor play. Includes 9" diameter base and 61/2" post with four colored rings. Latex free. 081522044 $21.70
Toss & Catch. Fun and challenging, Toss & Catch allows users to throw a tennis-like ball and catch it with a hook & loop mitt. Useful to aid in the development of eye-hand coordination, gross motor skills and balance. Also promotes activities that cross mid-line.
Set includes two mitts and two balls.
8328 $13.10
Bowling Set. Both ambulatory and wheelchair bound children and adults will enjoy the game of bowling while improving gross motor skills, coordination and eye-hand coordination. Made of soft, dense foam, this set includes: six 81/4" high pins (2 yellow, 2 blue and 2 red), one bowling ball (5" in diameter; weighs 10 oz.) and a place- ment mat. Comes with plastic carrying case with handles.
920210 $26.25
Target Game. Played like darts and comes with four special loop tennis balls that grip the hook target when thrown. Floor game has non-skid rubber feet that keep the target in place. Wall game comes with adjustable strap. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Measures 24" square.
Gross Motor Sensory Motor
     CanDo® Cushy-AirTM Ball.
Soft, cushy material inflates to de-
sired firmness. Light and easy to grasp. Temporarily out of stock.
081498096 Yellow, 7"–10" Diameter 081498104 Yellow, 13"–17" Diameter
$8.05 $18.15
      8363 Floor Target Game $67.65 081505163 Wall Target Game $31.90 081505171 Replacement Balls, Pkg. of 2
 Pattern Blocks & Boards. Kit contains over 100 pattern blocks in six different shapes and colors, with 10 simply-designed patterns. Comes in a wood storage case. For ages 3 years and up. Boards measure 75/8" x 61/8". Latex free.
920644 $24.70
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