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                                                                   Gross Motor/Balance
Sensory Motor
    Training balls en- hance vestibular response and balance
Tumble Forms 2® Neuro Developmental Training Balls.
For developing vestibular response and balance, and for exercise. The smallest ball is designed for rolling, pushing, throwing and kicking; the largest has a rigid core to prevent “bottoming out.” Sorry, no color choice. Latex free.
CanDo® Saddle Rolls. These rolls
are much easier to control than exer-
cise balls because motion is limited to
the forward and backward rotation.
They aid in developing muscles, coordination and balance and offer extra support to the patient. These molded heavy-duty vinyl rolls are colorful, inflatable and can support up to 300 lbs.
Cando® Sensi Ball.
This large, 39" (100 cm) diameter red ball is ideal for var-
ious therapies, including balance training, vestibular therapy, exercise and even tac- tile therapy. Clients will benefit from the tactile input of hundreds of gentle sensory bumps. Can be used in one-on-one therapy or in group settings. 125 lb. weight capacity. Latex free.
8265 $95.90
Vestibular Dome. Made of 21 oz. vinyl coated fabric with polyure- thane filler, this durable dome holds two children weighing a total of 150 lbs. Side straps allow users to move the dome easily. Measures 13"H with 43" diameter. Latex free.
               2769L 22" diameter 2769M 16" diameter 2769S 11" diameter
$320.56 $188.89
   Item No.
 15.8" (40 cm) diameter
 19.7" (50 cm) diameter
 23.6" (60 cm) diameter
 27.6" (70 cm) diameter
  31.5" (80 cm) diameter
  Balance Ball. This heavy-duty balance ball is designed to help develop coordination skills while the child balances on the ball. Multicolored nylon cover en- sures durability and stability of child. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Easily inflated with a standard air compressor (not included). 30"W x 20"H.
081555317 $70.05
Rainbow Split Donut. Used in two halves or joined together with the attached Velcro® closures to create a rolling donut. The two split donuts are used for balance activities, crawling, climbing, rocking, obstacle courses and more. The donut can be used for gentle rocking and improvement of motor skills in a number of developmental positions. The high-density foam is covered in brightly colored, heavy-duty vinyl. Weight capacity is 150 lbs.18"D x 52"H. Latex free. Requires oversized shipping in 2 boxes.
      923371 $1,023.00
924709 $1,004.00
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       Sensory Motor

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