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                                                                    Gross Motor/Balance
Sensory Motor
    Speaker emits a beep with each successful weight shift
Slip-resistant surface
Only 21/2" high for user security, board is 16" x 25"
Rolyan® BEEP® (Balance Enhancement
Exercise Program) Board. Features a slip-
resistant surface and foam to cushion the impact
of weight shifts. The side-to-side rocking motion promotes weight shifting and lateral balance reactions to help reduce the fear of falling and increase self-confidence. Lightweight uniaxial plastic board is 21/2"H for patient safety. Board measures 16" x 25". Weight capacity: 300 lbs. A852001 $203.45
     Easy to install battery for auditory feedback
          Foam Dexterity Boards. These foam boards stick together with hook and loop on each side. Let your imagination run wild. Build a balance beam, balance circle, agility ladder or a maze. Each board measures 16"L x 5"W x 2"H.
561828 Individual Board $18.28
The beep sounds to reinforce a job well done. Provides appropriate reinforcement for people with visual impairments.
  56182801 Set of 18
Width adjusts to 3" or 6".
Tumble Forms 2® Balance Beam.
Six-foot reversible beam is covered with durable, sturdy Tumble Forms 2 nonslip sur- face. May be positioned so width is 3" or 6". Top is 7" from the floor. Weighs 28 lbs. Latex free. Weight capacity: 200 lbs. 4807E $449.53
Carpeted Rocker Balance Square.
Encourages rhythm, balance, coordination and vestibular responses. Measures 18"L x 18"W x 5"H. Weight capacity: 200 lbs. 4913C $159.60
Stimulates balance control
Tumble Forms 2® Vestibular Board.
Heavy plywood top has a gray, removable, washable, nylon/tricot fabric cover and measures 60"L x 30"W. Legs fold inward for easy storage. Weight capacity: 150 lbs.
  Easy to adjust and reconfigure for a variety of coordination exercises.
Variable Balance Beam. Great for teaching coordination, this balance beam
can be configured in multiple patterns to vary the level of difficulty. Made of highstrength hardwood, each of four 48" x 33/4" beams pivots independently, with no tools needed for adjustments. Five reinforced support blocks hold the beams 51/4" off the floor. Latex free. Weight capacity: 100 lbs.
4809 $237.80
Tumble Forms 2® Soft-Top Rocker Balance. Foam-cushioned top is nonslip and nonabrasive, providing sure footing during rocker/balance exercises. Unit wipes clean and will not mar floors or walls. Recessed sides protect fingers against pinching. Measures 18" x 24" x 6". Weight capacity: 150 lbs. 4811 $255.29
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       Sensory Motor

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