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 The Squeeze Machine. Originally designed by Temple Grandin, PhD, one of the most famous autistic individuals today and the inspiration behind an HBO special. Drawing on her own experi- ences, Grandin developed the ingenious system to provide deep touch stimulation evenly and laterally. Studies have shown that deep pressure has a calming effect for hyperactive and
autistic individuals.
 Who can use the Squeeze Machine?
Individuals at home or in clinics, schools and other facilities.
It is specifically therapeutic for those who:
• Crave deep pressure (hugs, under cushions, under mattress, etc.) • Have an approach-avoid reaction to deep pressure
• Show signs of being tactically defensive
• Children 5 years of age and older
• Adults who weigh less than 250 lbs.
Reasons to consider the Squeeze Machine
• The user is in control of the amount of pressure released.
• Birch plywood is 13-ply, 3/4" thick, sealed and lacquered for a smooth, durable
smooth finish. The remaining parts are comprised of wood, metal and plastic.
• All edges are rounded to ensure safety. There are also high-quality air con-
trols and multiple safety devices built into the machine.
• The overall look resembles a piece of furniture in an educational setting.
• Approximately 14" of adjustment in width at the base of the pads; ad-
justment of headrest height and width, and the hand control center is
adjustable from side to side and from front to back.
• The one set of pads included accommodates children or adults.
32"W x 60"L x 60"H.
• Comes fully assembled and includes air compressor to safely power
the pneumatic controls.
081576461 $6,662.00
                                                                  Sensory Motor     Mirrors & The Squeeze Machine
                   Sammons Preston Pediatric Vertical/Horizontal Acrylic Mirror. Hardwood frame adjusts to any vertical angle/ horizontal plane by repo- sitioning mirror in frame supports. Shatterproof. Measures 15" x 57".
4967 $501.52
Sammons Preston Portable Mirror. An effective adjunct to therapy when performing speech, feeding and communication activi- ties. 281/4" x 281/4" square, including frame. Shatterproof.
496501 $319.25
Call toll-free 1.800.323.5547
fax 1.800.547.4333
     Sensory Motor

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