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                                       Vertical Standing
Supine Standing
Prone Standing
Three-in-One TriStander® Accessories
Head Support with Laterals
Push Handle
Adjustable Trunk Support
Tumble Forms 2® TriStander® Accessories
           TriStander® Accessories. The module cushions and frame included with each model are also available separately. They are sized larger for the TriStander 58 and smaller for the TriStander 45. The adjust- able module cushions can be mounted on either size frame to accommodate the unique positioning needs of your clients. Each cushion is shaped to position the child securely. They are also easy to wash and disinfect. Latex free.
Shoes with Bar
Knee Supports
Hip Support
   Trunk Support
               Tristander® 45 Accessories
Item No.           Description
4525F               Frame Only
4525H           Headrest
4525K           Standard Trunk Support 4526K           Med. Trunk Support 4525P           Hip Support
4525N           Knee Supports (pr.) 4525E           Shoes with Bar 4525T               Activity Tray
Tristander® 58 Accessories
Size Price         Item No.         Size Price
211⁄2”W x 38”L       $2,427.85       4527F             23”W x 47”L     $3,192.50 9”W x 93⁄4”H       $162.50       4527H         9”W x 101⁄2”H     $162.50 81⁄2”W x 51⁄2”D Inside       $269.45       4527K         111⁄2”W x 6”D Inside     $304.30 10”W x 61⁄2”D Inside       $289.05       4526K         10”W x 61⁄2”D Inside     $289.05 81⁄2”W x 4”D Inside       $208.35       4527P         12”W x 6”D Inside     $242.15 3”W x 21⁄4”D Inside       $269.45       4527N         4”W x 21⁄4”D Inside     $309.75 81⁄2”L x 23⁄4”H       $497.40       4527E         101⁄2”L Inside x 31⁄2”H     $530.15 23”W x 22”D       $1,068.95       4527T             23”W x 22”D     $1,266.85
Head Support w/Laterals
9”W x 91⁄2”H, 3”
side laterals
71⁄2”W x 6”–71⁄2”D Inside       $517.25       924527         71⁄2”W x 6– 71⁄2”D Inside     $517.25 7”L x 10”D       $177.80       924528         7”L x 10”D     $177.80
9”W x 91⁄2”H, 3” side laterals
            924527           Adjustable Trunk Support 924528           Push Handle
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