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                                       Pediatric Walkers. Walker rolls forward and halts in step
with the child. Braking system activates with pressure to the handlebar. Folds easily. Skid-resistant 4” wheels and casters. Latex free.
Adjustable Forearm Platforms. Aluminum platforms can be mounted anywhere on the handlebar and adjust independently. Rotates 360° and extends, supinates, pronates and tilts forward and back. Includes hook and loop straps. Sold as a pair.
Basket. Attaches securely to top front/back bar of walker, remaining in place when folded. 51⁄2”D x 16”W x 7”H.
Walkers     Pediatrics 1762B with
Toys and sack not included
Item No.       Capacity Color Height
Inside Internal
                 Width Width
1762B               100 lbs.     Blue     151⁄2”–181⁄2”     19”     14”     $393.85
             Pediatric Walker Accessories
Item No.       Description
081453794         Forearm Platforms and Mounting Brackets (pair)       $350.45
Walker shown with Forearm Platforms and Mounting Brackets (081453794)
Anti-Swivel Wheel Locking Brackets (pair) Wire Basket for Heavy Duty and Pediatric
$45.40 $34.00
   Platform Walker. This unique walker has five 4” casters (2 locking) for extra client stability. Other features include adjustable height, laterally adjustable
Pediatric Safety Rollers. Designed for children needing mobility assistance, non-marring and skid-resistant walkers offer maximum support and improved posture. Easy-rolling neoprene wheels and adjustable-brake spring tension aid with navigation. Height adjustable in 1” incre- ments; folds easily and remains standing while in collapsed position. Choose from variety of sizes and colors to fit patient needs. For indoor and outdoor use. Warranty: limited lifetime.
 hand grips, a padded support table with an anti- bacterial, fluid-proof, stain-resistant, flame-retardant fabric. Color: Light blue. To size, measure client from elbow to floor.
4610S     Pediatric $422.50 4610M Child $422.50
Specifications         Pediatric     Child
Handgrips Adjust       24”–30”     33”–411⁄2” Internal Width       14”     18”
Overall       18”W x 25”D     22”W x 30”D Platform Height       22”–30”     311⁄2”–43” Weight Capacity       150 lbs     150 lbs
Item No.       Color     Size
Pediatric Anterior Safety Roller
081715267       Silver Vein     Adjustable Width     $415.00 081715234       Blue     Standard     $290.00 081715242       Burgundy     Extra Wide     $290.00 081715259       Silver Vein     Extra Wide     $290.00 081715283       Red     Tyke     $290.00 Pediatric Posterior Safety Rollers
081715275       Red     Standard     $375.00
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