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   Trekker Gait Trainer. Height adjustable in 1” increments. Can be used in the anterior and posterior position. Wheels can go from swivel to non-swivel. The directional casters allow either forward and reverse mobility or only forward mobility. Brakes can lock the casters to prevent the unit from moving at all. Accessories mount tool-free onto the frame and can be removed or added according to the individual user’s need and abilities.
Shown with all accessories
Shown with Forearm Platforms, Thigh Prompts, and Ankle Prompts
Vertical Handgrips
Shown with Trunk Support, Hip Positioner, and Ankle Prompts
Soft Seat Harness
 081552215     Tyke Trekker, Size 1, Orange 081552223     Junior Trekker, Size 2, Green 081552231     Youth Trekker, Size 3, Blue
$1,091.00 $1,364.00
Forearm Platforms. Height and depth adjustable. Handgrips extend forward and backward, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable. Padded surface: Small, 41⁄2” x 7”; Large, 5” x 81⁄2”. Full length to handgrip: Small, 8”–121⁄2”; Large, 101⁄2”–16”. 081552389 Small $373.65
081552397 Large $373.65
Vertical Handgrips. Can be mounted anywhere on the handle bar. They are height adjustable and rotate. One size fits all.
081552454 $83.80
Ankle Prompts. Length adjustable, padded ankle straps main- tain legs and/or feet in abduction and prevent scissoring.
         081558519 Tyke 081558527 Junior 081558535 Youth
$151.45 $151.45 $151.45
Hip Positioner & Pad. Length-adjustable straps assist in weight bearing. Removable pad provides cushioned comfort. 081552439 Small $313.05
081552447 Large $333.25
Trunk Support. Height, depth, width and angle adjustable. Stays open for easy transfers. Straps adjust the fit plus the for- ward leaning and angle of the user. Chest circumference: Small 14”–28”; Medium 22”–40”; Large 28”–50”.
081552405 Small, 41⁄2”H $434.25 081552413 Medium, 61⁄2”H $434.25 081552421 Large, 8”H $434.25
Thigh Prompts. Height adjustable. Can be positioned further from or closer to the user to limit adduction/abduction. Moves with user’s gait pattern allowing weight shifting from one leg to the other. Clamp to strap: Small 5”–8”; Large 5”–11”. 081552249 Small, Leg circum. 15” $313.05
081552348 Large, Leg circum. 20” $313.05
Soft Seat Harness. Assists in weight bearing, properly posi- tions pelvis and can be used as a safety sling. Moves with users gait pattern allowing user to shift from one leg to another. Straps can be lengthened, shortened and positoned towards the front or back of frame.
081656529 Small $145.95 081656537 Large $145.95
   Tyke Trekker, Size 1, Orange
 Junior Trekker, Size 2, Green
   Youth Trekker, Size 3, Blue
    75 lbs.
  150 lbs.
    200 lbs.
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