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My Indigo Sun
          My Indigo Sun

                                Connect with holistic and metaphysical practioners for a happier and healthier life

                                                                                                   August 2020
                                                                                                   Issue 17

        Beyond the Dualistic Veil of                               Welcome to The New Age Part II:
        Feminine and Masculine                                     The Astrological Ages & Their Avatars

        Humanity and Nature:                                       Our Nature to be Found in Nature
        A Love Affair of Awakening
                                                                   The Healing Power of Taste
        Nature’s Sublime Message and Gift                          in Ayurveda
        to Humanity
                                                                   3 Therapeutic Teas for Easy Breathing
        Humanity’s Final Gift to Nature
                                                                   Cooking for Healing

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