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This  e-book  was  created  to

                                                            increase student literacy about

                                                            Narrative              Text         material,

                                                            especially            Fairy        Tale.       In

                                                            addition  to  the  material,  it  is

                                                            also  equipped  with  several
                                                            exercises.  The  author  hopes

                                                            that this E-Book will be useful

                                                            for all people.

                   Ni Putu Riska Mahanjani is the name

                   of the author of the E-Book English

                   Course  for  this  Narrative  Text

                     material.  Currently  studying  at

                   Ganesha  University  of  Education

                   (UNDIKSHA) Singaraja, as a student

                   in  the  English  Education  study

                   program.  Department  of  Foreign

                   language,  Faculty  of  Language  and

                   Art.  Born  in  Tabanan,  on  June  06,

                   2001.  She  studied  from  elementary

                   to high school in Tabanan.

                          JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL / VII
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