Page 24 - CCC January 2018
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   Complimentary Events
Networking Parties
Traveling to film city Qingdao, China and meeting students from across the globe, industry players and experts is an experience that will offer you the chance to learn new techniques, global perspectives and possibly create plans to produce films that cross borders. The CCC will offer space for you to network, wine and dine with all the participants of the festival. These parties will share the international nature of the contest and you can listen to music and try food from around the globe.
University/Internship Fair
The Creative Cinema Collective will have 1000 students from universities spanning the globe. You and the other participating students, and potential international students from the Qingdao, China area will have the chance to learn about what other institutions offer, understand specialised programs and the chance to apply to internships around the world.
Technology Exhibition
Media technology is constantly developing and so is the way filmmakers use it. This Technology Exhibition will showcase top digital materials like cost saving devices, production equipment, post-production tools, distribution mediums, preservation systems etc. You will have the opportunity to shop, test and discover new technologies and see where the future of film is headed.
Engagement Activities
All work and no play can create a stressful atmosphere. The CCC will offer break lounge areas where you can meet other participants, a game room to wind down after a long day of production and other stress relieving activities, like drop-in martial arts classes, sunrise and sunset yoga just to name a few.

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