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          Film is the only universal language understood by all. I’m happy that I have had this opportunity to support and share this experience. I’m looking forward with great excitement
to his new endeavours.
Torsten Neumann
Founder/Director of the Oldenburg International Film Festival
    06 07 day
During the post-production process, there will be no exception to the support offered by Prof. Coppola and his team of experts. There will be editing rooms available and technology to utilize. However you are also welcome to bring any of your own materials as well. The deadline for submission of your films is set at 7pm on the 7th day of the contest. Following your submission all participants will be involved in the online voting process. You are encouraged to engage all your supporters and sponsors from home and China to vote as well.
In addition to this contest, the CCC will offer all Production House teams the opportunity to pitch their films to our prestigious jury.
Pitch to the Jury
During the Creative Cinema Collective your Production House Teams will take the film treatments, trailers, marketing ideas and finance plans you created over the course of the festival to a jury of industry experts. You and your team will have the opportunity to showcase the concepts you grasped during the competition and you could stand a chance to further develop your film, careers and talents.

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