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   Christopher continually embraces new film technologies such as VR and 360 filmmaking and educates his students accordingly to prepare them for the future of filmmaking.
Mike Genimenico
Sr. Marketing Engineer Intel Global Events
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By this point you have checked into your hotel, registered for the competition and are ready to begin this once in a lifetime experience!
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Common Base Workshop
During the Common Base Workshop, your production house will split up into specialised global classrooms. Each workshop will be led by famous industry professionals and supported by leading film professors. You will have the opportunity to network, interact
and exchange ideas with students and experts from
all corners of the globe. You will learn best practices while using state of the art technology. Following this, you will take this specialised knowledge back to your Production House for competition.
  Prof. Christopher
Coppola will introduce the CCC team of famous industry experts and leading professors from all corners of the globe who will be teaching and guiding you during the course of the competition. Prof. Coppola will outline the process of the CCC
and will excite all those
who survived the selection process of what is to
come! Look forward to an intensive programme full of rewarding challenges mixed with a lot of exciting events.
Christopher Coppola

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