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is regarded by some Chinese as one of the most
beautiful, clean and liveable cities in China and ranks 38th in the Global Financial Centres Index. It is the busiest port city in China, and top 10 busiest in the world. Qingdao has a population of around 9 million and is home to many Chinese celebrities. It has over a decade long cinematic history, state of the art film facilities with many box office hits were filmed there. Qingdao is famous for it’s unique Bavarian and Romanesque architecture, Tsingtao Brewery and seafood cuisine. It is a surfer's paradise and a thriving hub of professional sports.
Qingdao, known for its hospitality, and world-class film facilities is a perfect place to hold a film festival.
Qingdao (青岛; Qīngdǎo; also
known as Tsingtao),

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