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                                                                                                                      Shoot your film and send it to us!
With your business plan in hand, and finances rolling in, you are ready to shoot!
• Use the skills of your production house to make this a success
• Stay in budget, market
your film as you produce and continue looking for sponsorships to make sure you can make it to China in September 2018
• Use your registration link to submit your final film.
Deadline for application:
 31st MAY
The CCC will only accept 50 teams outside of China to compete and workshop alongside Christopher Coppola. Send your best work and you may jet set off to China, the world’s 2nd largest grossing entertainment market. This is your chance to be seen and work among the world’s best film industry players.
        NOTE: you will need to manage your Chinese visa and flight arrangements yourself. Begin applying for your Chinese visa in June as soon as you are shortlisted. The Creative Cinema Collective:
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September 2018
September 2018

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