Page 16 - CCC January 2018
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                                                                                                                                           Start planning how to raise funds
• Try taking your business plan to your university
• Apply for government funding
• Get money from a brand
(product placement)
• Launch a crowdfunding
 Please refer to our how to find sponsorship self-help guide.
                                                                                   Apply to CCC
• Fill out the festival application at
• Include your supervisory professor’s contact details, your complete teams details, a written treatment for your short film following the theme Peace and Unity and your business plan.
                                                                                                Create the Film treatment and business plan
Follow the theme:
Peace and Unity
• Designate tasks to your team, make a budget and a schedule
• Set up your free basecamp ( account
to collaborate between
your team members and supervisors. Use this resource for your task allocations and film producing timelines.

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