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School of Hope follows Alberta Education's new Standards for Home Education
●$850.00 is provided to help parents deliver the program to their children via books and supplies.
●No fees to register.
●Students are welcome to join SOH workshops and activities - cost deducted from the $850.00.
*For more information on “Program Support”, please visit the school online website at
●Reminder that in Catholic schools across the province, students must be enrolled in a religion course. (Applicable to students who are “fully” registered with SOH)
●Although SOH Religion courses do talk about the Catholic faith, they are primarily designed to help all students reflect about God and the world. The ultimate goal is to help students grow in their own faith and beliefs wherever they are in their journey.
●Students wanting to propose their own Christian special project course can use this as an alternative at the high school level.
●In order to graduate from School of Hope, students must have a Senior level Religious Studies Course or equivalent. Any student attending School of Hope will have the opportunity to become aware of and understand and commit to Jesus Christ, His Life, His Work, His Church, and to the community of the people of God.
School Of Hope Program Overview
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