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If a course is selected as Teacher Directed, the rules and guidelines applying to Teacher Directed Programs are followed. If a course is selected as Parent Directed, the rules and guidelines applying to Parent Directed programs are followed.
●Students have to be registered in a minimum of 50-80% Teacher Directed course weight.
●Students choosing to study in a Shared Responsibility/ Blended Program cannot register in more than one school, and % percentage of Teacher vs Parent course totals cannot change after September 30th.
*Students in a Shared Program are eligible for funding in the amount that is proportionate to their Parent-Directed program percentage on September 30th .
For example:
●A student in grade 1-9 is blended at 30% Parent- Directed. The student would be eligible for 30% of $850 = $255 available in Parent-Directed funding.
●Support is available for the Teacher-Directed portion of the student's program accordingly (see Teacher-Directed Program Support Overview).
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