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Attendance Policy
As per the School Act, every student is required to be in attendance every day that school is open unless the student is unable to control the absence due to illness or other circumstances.
As the School of Hope is an online school, it is considered “asynchronous”, which means that “traditional” attendance is not mandatory. However, students are highly encouraged to attend online lessons to help facilitate their understandings of relevant concepts and the Alberta Program of Studies curricular outcomes.
“Attendance” is regulated through a combination of online lesson tracking, regular work submissions and consistent correspondence between teachers, students and parents. Students who are unable to fulfill these obligations are subject to programming changes, retention recommendations and referral to OSAR - “Office of Student Attendance and Re-engagement”. It is critical that students and families are aware that a reasonable amount of work be handed in weekly. Some flexibility on dates and pace of assignments is allowed, but parents must make arrangements for a teacher approved alternate schedule.
For those students who are unable to attend “live” lessons, there are recordings made for every core lesson taught from grades 1 to 12. This luxury enhances the flexibility of the online platform and also allows for continual reinforcement of difficult subject area content.
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