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Coursework is a topic of interest that is raised by parents at all grade levels. These are some guidelines regarding coursework.
There are generally 2 types of assessment:
Formative Assessment provides practice for the students and feedback from the teacher. From time to time, additional drill or reinforcement on a particular concept is needed or would be helpful. In such cases, your child may be asked to spend some extra time practicing to enhance their skill level.
Summative Assessments are designed for the teacher to actively evaluate the current skill level of the students after formative opportunities have been put in place. This type of evaluation is designed to see how well the students can demonstrate their understanding of the general and specific outcomes of the Alberta Program of Studies.
There will be tests for which your child will be required to study. How can you help?
a) Provide a quiet, regular place to work.
b) Be an “audience” when required, for reading practice, spelling and math drills.
c) Do not sit down and do your child’s written assignments for them. Be a guide.
If your child experiences problems with assignments, encourage them to do their best and seek necessary help. If you have questions or concerns regarding the assignments, please don’t hesitate to contact the teacher.
Canvas is the name of the “Learning Management System” that SOH employs to present student lessons. Students and Parents have access to this platform upon student registration and password creations.
Basic Steps for Parent Access to Student Accounts:
●Students generate a “pairing code”.
●Parent creates a Canvas account and enters the “pairing code”.
●Parents enter an additional “pairing code” to add a student to an existing Canvas account.
How to Generate Pairing Code: (Students)
●Step 1 - Click on “Account”
●Step 2 - Click on “Settings’
●Step 3 - Select “Pair with Observer” on right side of screen
●Step 4 - Share the “code” with your Parent
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