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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Challenges ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Vermilion Home Schooling Enrolment 119% Increase
Home Schooling - 715 students
Virtual and Home School Education Programs (Continued)
The School Of Hope and Vermilion Home Schooling programs have experienced a significant increase in their respective student populations due to the parent and student pandemic concerns within the Division and across the province.
As a result of this unprecedented growth in the student population, new support staff were hired to process the increase in registration forms and organization, inventory, and ship the instructional and technical resources required for the various programs. Secondly, additional instructional staff were hired to assist in the online instruction and parent-directed home-schooling support across the province.
Infrastructure and Educational Technology Updates
The Division completed a baseline IT-ET assessment to determine the necessary evergreening priorities and network configuration changes required to align with Alberta Education and the Division’s management, instructional, and assessment requirements.
• Transitioned the Division to the provincial Cybera ISP network services.
• Installed a centralized Fortigate Firewall hosted in Cybera Cloud Hosted services.
• Installed CIRA content filtering services.
• Migrated and updated locally hosted PowerSchool services to a cloud hosted service. • Transition website services from Wix to School Messenger website services.
• Developing and integrating Active Directory single sign on services.
• Installed WiBand wireless services for the SOH Leduc office ISP services.
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