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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Challenges ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Infrastructure and Educational Technology Updates (Continued)
• Developed Wifi wireless heat maps for each school location.
• Installation of HP Aruba Wifi 6 compliant wireless network access points October 2020.
• Updated the Microsoft Active Directory serves across the division October 2020.
• Developed a new Division newsletter using the Smore platform.
• Digitalizing all student CUM files and transitioning files into PASI. Contracted Western Canadian
Digital (Image Connect Platform) to scan and tag the necessary meta-data that aligns with PASI
document standards.
• Developing an internal Sharepoint cloud hosting instance that integrates into the Clasi platform to
provide access to internal digital documents for school administration and instructional staff.
• Developing an online registration form for the Division and SOH online and home-schooling programs
to streamline and automate the online student registration process.
• Developed LQS and TQS evaluation forms that align with the Alberta and CCSSA Catholic governing
standards. The forms were created in the Clevr platform.
• Developed PGP forms for principals and teachers within the Clevr platform.
• Developing an iOS and Android App that links into the Division and school websites.
• Implementing Hoot Suite social media campaign management tools to improve the timely
communication of critical information to stakeholders.
• Centralized network wiring cabinets at St. Jerome School.
• Installing new intercom, bell, and sound field system at Christ-King School in Stettler.
• Transitioned from School Messenger PowerSchool communication to Bright Arrow PowerSchool
communication plugins to enhance parent engagement capabilities.
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