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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Stakeholders ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Stakeholder Collaboration
Parent & Community Involvement
Parental and community engagement are high priorities for the ECACS Board of Trustees. Feedback from parents — as well as administrators, staff, students, clergy, and external stakeholders — is gathered through means such as surveys, consultation events, and face-to-face meetings. The feedback collected from stakeholders is used along with the ECACS Three-Year Education Plan (3YEP) and Alberta Education Results Report (AERR) to help develop division objectives, goals, and direction.
Principals in each community share the Division’s 3YEP and AERR documents with their school council and staff for review and interpretation. The Board also reviews the Division’s 3YEP and AERR documents to ensure the alignment of provincial, division, and school goals in each community. The combined 3YEP and AERR can be found on the ECACS website, and is available upon request for schools, school council representatives, parishes, and other stakeholders. The results are also reported in a public meeting to the Board of Trustees. The schools annually prepare their combined 3YEP and AERR, in consultation with their school councils, and post the report to their school website.
Partnership Meetings
Each school, in consultation with their school council, completed a three-year education plan and AERR that was sent to district office. The entire school board hosts a yearly meeting with priests, parish secretaries, and representatives from school councils to discuss any and all issues related to schools in the division. The group discusses areas of mutual interest including sacramental preparation, school celebrations, student achievement and school related projects.
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