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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Stakeholders ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Safe Learning Environments
Wellness Strategies
Teaching & Learning
•Explore the “Go to Educator” training opportunity.
•Develop a common language related to wellness.
•Involve students in health and wellness initiatives.
•Explore PD opportunities for staff and student wellness teams.
Social & Physical Environment
•Division to promote and support wellness initiatives within schools, such as Don’t Walk in the Hallway, Energy for Exams, Buddy Bench, and Gotcha Notes.
•Encourage the development and implementation of Family / Friends Wellness Challenge. •Encourage schools to focus on social and emotional learning, through practical strategies and sharing resources.
Partnerships & Services
•Encourage the development of Health Champion Teams in schools that attend events (i.e. HASS) to share information and resources. Explore the opportunity for a jurisdictional event for groups to meet and share.
•Create an online sharing platform for schools, teachers and students to share and access resources.
•Create partnerships with community organizations to provide presentations to schools. •Continue to participate in the annual Terry Fox walks and fund raising campaigns.
Healthy School Policy
•Explore and discuss how wellness can be embedded in three-year plans. Include students and staff into the planning and decision-making process.
•Include an element of wellness in staff meetings at all levels.
•Ensure that there are Health Champions and Health Champion Teams at each school. •Ensure that disciplines are restorative rather than punitive.
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