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   East Central Alberta Catholic Schools Stakeholders ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
The Third Path •Safety •Regulation •Belonging •Positivity •Engagement •Identity •Mastery •Meaning
Wellness Initiative Progress Updates
•Taking into account the COVID-19 health and safety concerns, student, staff, and family health and wellness is a priority. The Division and schools are implementing all the recommended Alberta Government, Alberta Health Services, and Alberta Education guidelines to ensure students and staff have a safe learning environment. Division and school leadership teams continue to provide OHS and AHS guideline updates to all key stakeholders through newsletters, email, social media, and websites.
•The regional Support Staff Conference focused on health and wellness and COVID-19 AHS and OHS information updates.
•Health Champions from each school continue to champion both student and staff wellness.
•The Division and schools use ASEBP health and wellness resources to provide monthly updates. •Shared Google Drive has been created for health champions for easy access to shared resources.
•The Division and school leadership teams are currently reviewing Dr. Tranter’s Third Path resources to develop school and division plans designed around the eight conditions. (Safety, Regulation, Belonging, Positivity, Engagement, Identity, Mastery, Meaning)
•Dr. Tranter presented to the Division leadership team outlining how the Third Path framework can support the development of baseline knowledge and strategies to recognize and positively address student emotional and behavioural responses within the school environment.
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