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   East Central Catholic Schools Challenges
ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Goal One:
Alberta’s students are successful.
The previous year’s PAT increased from 64.1% to 65%.
The previous year’s standard of excellence increased from 15.4% to 18.2%.
Comments On Results
In the absence of DIP and PAT results for the 2019-20 school year, it difficult to comment on the student progress and the impact of the Division’s strategies for continuous improvement. Regardless of lack of current provincial assessment data the Division will continue to work with SOH and Vermilion Home Schooling parents to encourage the writing of PAT assessments. The increased participation rates for students who attend our online and home-schooling programs will help address the traditionally low metric schools in this area. Equally important, by increasing the student participation rates, the SOH and Vermilion Home Schooling teachers can use this data to inform their instructional practices and prepare our high school students for diploma exam writing in the future.
The high school completion rate increased from 77.4% to 77.7% ↑. The dropout rate increased from 3.1% to 4.3% which is still an indicator that the Division looking to improve upon.
The transition rate to post-secondary increased from 56.1% to 59.9.%. Work preparation increased by from 83.7% to 86.1%.
Key Strategies For Improvement
•The SOH administration and staff are continuing to implement and support the “Attending To Learning” framework integrated into PowerSchool and the Canvas LMS analytical reporting systems. The framework will enhance teacher, student and parent communication regarding formative and summative assessment information.
•Early intervention (WCP – Work Completion Protocol) and increased engagement in the instructional, assessment, and learning process will improve parent involvement and student success.
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