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 Our Education Plan 2019-2020 Goal One - Alberta Are Students Are Successful.
  Goal One:
Alberta’s students are successful.
Evaluating Dual Credit programming.
Diversifying CTS program offerings with the mobile CTS trailer.
Strategies For Improvement (Continued)
•The Division is exploring the use of centralized online (Edulastic) formative and summative assessment platforms to develop a division-wide assessment platform aligned to curricular outcomes.
•The Division has developed enterprise PowerSchool reports to assist school administration and teachers in the PAT and diploma analysis process as a means to improve access to relevant data sets to inform instruction and assessment practices.
•Continue to monitor high school student graduation requirements, providing academic support for struggling students, and career counselling for post-secondary education transition.
•Continue to monitor the feasibility and student enrolment numbers for the Dual Credit partnership program with Lakeland College and ECACS .
•SOH developing and delivering core high school programming through the Canvas LMS.
•SOH reviewing and integrating non-core programs into the Canvas LMS platform.
•Rotate the CTS trailer throughout the communities in the Division to provide a CTS instructional space to offer relevant engaging programs designed around student interests and community capacity.
 Improving high school course •Advocate for facility and program enhancement grants to enhance
delivery through flexible online LMS offerings.
Expanding K-9 program offerings through online LMS course delivery.
and diversify program options.
•Develop support and instructional staff onboard programs to support the transition into the division.
•All instructional staff are completing professional growth plans (PGP) which are focused on strategies for improving personal wellness and teaching pedagogies.
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