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 Our Education Plan 2019-2020 Goal One - Alberta Are Students Are Successful.
  Goal One:
The previous year’s diploma acceptable standards metrics increased from 79.3% from 82.6.%.
The previous year’s achieving the standard of excellence decreased from 18.8% to 17.4%.
The previous years’s Rutherford Scholarship eligibility rate was 78%.
Strategies For Improvement (Continued)
•The SOH staff call parents to inform and guide their children to participate in writing provincial standardized assessments.
•The SOH administration and staff are exploring professional development activities and resources that support instructional design practices to support the development of engaging curriculum-aligned lesson content within the Canvas LMS platform.
•Brick and mortar schools are exploring professional development activities and resources to support the transition from traditional face-to-face instructional practices to an online or blended delivery model if confronted with the realities of addressing scenario two or three continuing education requirements. School administration and staff will continue to complete diploma and PAT exam item analysis as a means to inform instruction and assessment practices once assessment information become available in the future.
•School administration and teachers will continue to adapt student and parent communication (PowerSchool, Clevr, Google Apps, Canvas) in regard to formative and summative assessment information to identify and support struggling students as soon as possible.
•Teachers aligning the use of assistive technology (TextHelp) to enhance and support the learning outcomes.
•School administration will use supervision feedback, teacher growth plans, professional learning communities, and teacher mentorship programs to support new teachers responsible for PAT and diploma course delivery.
•Teachers will continue to develop and implement baseline literacy and numeracy information to align instruction and assessment practices to the individual needs of each student.
•Learning Support Teachers will continue to work with teachers supporting the development and implementation of student IPPs.
•The Division is in the process of reviewing and developing an equitable and sustainable inclusive education model that can accommodate the service delivery model changes for the recent RCSD, AHS, and student funding changes.
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