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   Summary of Capital and Facility Projects:
Inspiring Education
ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
There is also a component of site-work that needs to be addressed by the team; the problem of standing water on the site stems from situating the original building at too low of an elevation. The existing swale directs the water but the lack of drainage is creating major issues. The footprint of the four-classroom addition will impede on the existing swale, a new swale will need to be designed and dry wells will need to be added strategically to avoid ponding.
There is a concern across the province that school divisions will be required to use reserves to finance increasing program and staffing costs over the next provincial budget cycle. The expansion project was scheduled to go to tender in January of 2020, but in light of the recent budget uncertainty, ECACS decided to put the 1.6 million dollar construction project on hold until September 2020. The Division will reassessment the status of the project based on the student population growth and new provincial funding framework information that will become available in the fall of 2020. The BSS classroom expansion project is tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2021 pending economic and pandemic variables.
Estimated Cost - $ 1,600,000.00
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