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   Summary of Capital and Facility Projects:
ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Planning For The Future
Summary Of Jurisdiction Facility & Capital Projects
Priority Two: Christ-King School Modernization - K-9 Stettler
Christ-King Catholic School (CKCS) is a K-9 Catholic school located in Stettler and is one of seven schools in East Central Catholic School Division. The school has grown from 27 students when it first opened its doors in 2003 to 142 students in September 2019. The Little Steps preschool program was added in 2011 and has a current enrolment of an additional 22 students. Kindergarten enrollment has remained steady over the past few years and has allowed our primary classrooms to increase to 18-22 students.
The initial 2008-2010 modernization projects saw two thirds of the school updated to accommodate the student enrolment increases, while the remaining one third (438 m2) was left as administration area pending an enrolment increase. In the fall of 2016, the community non-profit tenants vacated which provided an opportunity to increase instructional space to accommodate student growth and improve junior high instructional spaces. Prior to this modernization the library was used as an instructional space to accommodate the enrolment increases.
Progress Updates
• Phase three modernization priorities completed August 2018.
• Gymnasium LED media wall and new sound system installation completed August, 2019.
• Creative Commons modernization project completed November, 2020.
• CTS trailer parking pad scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2021.
• Installation of new bell, intercom, and classroom sound system scheduled to be completed in early
  February 2021.
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