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   Summary of Capital and Facility Projects:
ECACS Three-Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report
Fostering Catholic Education
Capital Plan Updates
Summary Of Jurisdiction Facility & Capital Projects
Priority One: New Elementary School K-6 - Wainwright Overview
Over the last 6 years, enrolment at Blessed Sacrament School increased an average of 31.5 children a year. The school is receiving more new children than are leaving the school and the cohorts in the lower grades are higher than those in senior grades. Although Blessed Sacrament School has 4 modular classrooms, the school needs additional classrooms. Without additional classrooms, the school will not be able to meet the class size targets either. Based on the average annual increase of 31.5 student, in 10 years the school could increase nearly 50%.
Estimated Total Cost $ 14,000,000.
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