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 Our Education Plan 2019-2020 Goal Four - Alberta’s K-12 education system is well governed and managed.
  Goal Four:
Alberta’s K-12 education system is well governed and managed.
82.5% of teachers. parents, and students have indicated that the school jurisdiction has improved over the last three years.
Key Strategies For Improvement
•Introduce and review the provincial assurance reporting model with board members, principals, teachers, and support staff.
•Continue to explore and adapt new COVID-19 align collaboration strategies to engage parents and external stakeholders in the assurance model (Thought Exchange).
•Develop and implement an assurance dashboard to share with stakeholders.
•Continue to support students and parents in course selection to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.
•Continue to align, explore, and adapt new COVID-19 collaboration strategies to meet with parent councils, including central administration virtually attending parent council meetings.
•Develop, implement, and sustain a technology ever-green plan that
aligns with the Alberta Education Learning and Technology Policy
Framework outcomes.
•Develop, implement, and sustain professional development to improve
teaching, learning, and assessment practices for face-to-face,
blended, and online instruction.
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